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As of August 2020, U.S. sold a total of 1.6 million plug-in electric cars since 2010. From those, 1 million alone is full electric cars. If you have or planning on having one, you should consider to install a home charger unit. Our licensed and certified electricians offer a fast and reliable home EV charger station installation in Ventura and nearby cities. We serve Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, and nearby cities.

EV Chargers

In 2020, California approved an executive order mandating to discontinue the sales of gas cars after 2035 in California. That means people looking to buy a car at that time, will only find electric cars. Although that is great news to the environment, that is potentially good news to your life too. In fact, the vast majority of people who have an EV won’t change back to a gas car due to a higher level of satisfaction. A great example of why they are so satisfied is the amount of time and money they save by no longer needing to go to a gas station.

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Best Home EV Charger

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When looking for one, everyone will wonder which one is the best home EV charger station. First, we recommend you think about how many miles you drive per day. If you drive 30 miles or more or tend to get home late, the best charger for you will definitely be a Level 2 charger. That is because it charges much faster. The cost of equipment and installation is small when you compare it with how much time it will free you every day for years to come.

Best Home EV Charger Brand

Some of the most common brands for EV charger station are Tesla, Bosh, Siemens, Instavolt, ChargePoint, EVBox, and many more. They vary in the volts and amps. Some may not be compatible with all cars either. Even though they are Level 2 chargers, their price and the cost of installation will vary as well.

 Level 1 EV Charger

Using a Level EV 1 charger is the simplest way to charge an EV. It uses the standard 110-120 volt current that most US homes have. All you do is to plug in the extension you get with your EV. Most people will do it in their garage. If you don’t have a GFCI outlet in your garage that is definitely necessary. The problem with the Level 1 charger is that it charges very slow at a 3-5 miles range per hour. That can take over 15-20 hours charge which is too lengthy for most people.

Level 2 EV Charger

Level 2 EV chargers run at 240 volt power. The device converts high voltage AC power to DC power and stores it in EV battery Most people will upgrade and install a dedicated circuit to their garage to allow for that. The EVSE device is usually wall mounted and will run power quicker. The Amperage of the device will matter too. Also, depending on the battery of your car, it could store full power in 3-12 hours.
Installing 240v Outlet for Electric Car
As mentioned before, a Level 2 station requires installing a 240 volts outlet with a dedicated circuit. For that, we really recommend hiring an experienced electrician just like us. Especially when it comes to the safety and efficacy of a circuit running in your home to your expensive car.

Level 3 EV Charger

Level 3 EV Charger is the ones you see at the shopping mall, or by the car dealership for example. It is commercial only. It is the fastest type of charging station available. It generally provides 80 percent charge in 20-30 minutes.

EV Charger Installation Cost in Ventura 

An EV charger station installation cost may vary significantly in Ventura and nearby cities. The first factor to consider is the need to install a 240 volt outlet and how far that is from the main electrical panel. In some cases, a subpanel install may be recommended. Furthermore, we will consider the different brands and characteristics of the charger itself as their prices vary too.

Electric Rate for your Level 2 EV Charger

Once you decide to upgrade to a level 2 EV Charger, we will guide you along with PG&E Pacific Gas and Electric Company to select the electric rate that is best for you.

This picture shows an EV charger installation in Ventura

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