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Light Fixture Installation Ventura

When you experience good lighting, any room immediately becomes more attractive. That is why light fixture installation in Ventura is one of our most popular services on a day to day basis. They come in all shapes and sizes and now play a part in Ventura home design! Do you need help installing lights for your home? No matter what your design style is, there are 3 different types of lights to bring out the best of your home’s personality: Ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Once you know the function of your light, you’ll need to pick out the style. There is a good chance you’ll be looking for an ambient light source. Bellow are the different styles of light fixtures.

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Install Trendy Fixtures

This picture shows track lighting installation in Ventura. The tracks lights were installed over the kitchen island.
This picture shows a light installation in Ventura. Beautiful chandelier and pendant lights installed by out electricians.
This picture shows recessed lighting installation in Ventura. Beautiful recessed lights and a pendant in the kitchen and living room.

Ambient Lighting

Also called “natural light” ambient is the most common type of lighting. The purpose of ambient lighting is to cover an entire space with an even amount of light so that there are no glares or shadows.
This type is the main luminosity source for just about every room, possibly your entire home. These are a functional type of light because it allows you to enjoy the room as if it were sunny outside. It is the favorite for most people especially for kitchen and living room areas.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is also a functional form of lighting. The functional purpose is to help you perform a task (hence the name), not enjoyment. This is achieved with a focused beam of light. Science shows that a contrasting bright light to the rest of the room stimulates the brain to help keep you awake and concentrate.
If you have ever noticed that a certain type of light helps you focus, you most likely are using task lighting. Lamps and desk lights are great examples of these forms.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting uses a focused ray of light to shine on an area or object. The difference between accent and task lighting is that the first are meant to draw attention to what it’s shining on. The light itself can also be the focus, such as Christmas lights. These are mainly used for decoration rather than function. other examples are lights that shine on a piece of art or display case. A spotlight is a form of accent lighting. Many people use that in the yard or outside as well.

Chandelier Lights

Highly recognizable and well known, the chandelier hardly needs introduction. This form of lighting has been around for centuries and is often associated as being a traditional, classy form of lighting.

Chandeliers are suspended from the ceiling. Instead of it just being one light at the end of the suspension, chandeliers branch out to hold multiple lights. Often, they can resemble upside down trees, but modern designs do not make this a hard fast rule.

Chandeliers are considered elegant and can be contemporary It will most likely be situated in gathering areas, such as over the dining room table.

Pendent Lights

A pendant is a light fixture that has a single lamp suspended from the ceiling. It differs from a chandelier because it is just one light instead of being many. As it is just one light, it is common to see many of them next to each other.

Pendants are modern styles, can be highly decorative, and are very versatile. Depending on the size of the light fixture, pendant lights can be used for ambient, task, or accent lighting!
Pendant lights are most often seen where decoration is important. The home entrance, dining room, and living room are rooms are great locations for them.

Flushed or Semi Flushed Lights

These types of lights are placed directly flush against the ceiling or almost touching it. They are probably the most common types of lighting, are standard, and affordable.

These types of lights can be located anywhere. There is a good chance that you will see them in most bedrooms, if not everywhere else. Despite being standard lights, flushed lights come in many varieties for those that like to be decorative.

Track Lights

Track lights contains multiple lamp fixtures attached to a long connecting structure, known as the track. Track bars were traditionally straight but can also be curvy to fit any room shape. Lights on the track can be pointed in a specific direction adding accent lighting to your home.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lights are installed directly inside the ceiling, not from the ceiling. They are placed directly into electrically wired holes with the wiring hiding in the ceiling. If these mounting holes do not already exist in your ceiling, you may need to dramatically alter your ceiling, which can be a lot of work.

Recessed lighting is a very modern and trendy form of illumination today. Most people want their recessed lights to have dimming capabilities as an added benefit. This will make your home feel like a museum or movie theater. With this functionality, recessed lights can be both ambient, task, or accent lights.

At Pro Electrician Ventura, we can install any light fixture type or style! For outdoor lighting in Ventura consult our dedicated page. Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll help brighten up your home!

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Cost of Light Installation in Ventura County

The cost of light installation in Ventura County is based on several factors. The more complicated the installation, the higher the cost. Here are the aspects we consider by increasing difficulty:


Do you need new wiring? No wiring is usually needed if we are replacing an older light. If it’s adding a new light, then wiring and possibly a new light switch will need to be installed. The more wiring that’s required, the more the light will cost to be installed.

Wire Coverings

We will also need to know how to hide new wiring. The easiest location is between walls and in the ceiling. In condominiums however, it is hard to go through the ceiling. Condos sometimes also have concrete walls where making holes is difficult. If we are unable to hide the wires, we will have to encase them in wood molding or metal conduits. The choice is purely for design. Many people prefer wood in their homes.

The amount of wiring and coverings required is not always easy to see if you’re not an electrician. Sometimes wiring doesn’t just go to the closest wall, but to the electrical panel, which could be in a different room. Maybe even a sub panel in some cases.

At Pro Electrician Ventura, give us your lighting ideas and we will make them a reality. For more difficult type of lights, such as recessed lighting, installation can be a lot more difficult. Call us for FREE quote today!

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