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Whole House Surge Protection Ventura

Circuit breakers protect the home from overcurrent, but they do NOT protect the home from electrical surges. A surge is a large amount of electricity with the capability to damage or even destroy the electrical devices and appliances you use every day. Adding a whole house surge protection in a Ventura home/business could save some headaches and even money, should a surge occur.

Circuit boards in your computer, devices, and appliances can completely break if exposed to a powerful surge of electricity. In the instance of computer devices, the biggest concern is data loss. A lightning strike is an obvious example of an electrical surge. Less obvious, surges can occur even on the inside of the home from faulty electronics. Protecting your home with surge protection devices are smart investments in protecting the longevity of your devices and data.


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How does House Surge Protection Work?

this picture shows an electrician installing whole house surge protection in Ventura home

Whole house surge protectors are installed directly into your main electrical panel box or fuse box. They work by diverting large voltage amounts directly into the ground rather than through your home circuitry.

There is a good chance you already own a device protecting from surges. If you have a power strip for your computer, it probably has surge protection qualities. However, be aware that a power strip protector only helps to protect what’s plugged into that outlet. Wouldn’t you want something that is able to protect your entire home? Whole house surge protectors do exist and can protect everything from your computer to your appliances!

Our team highly recommends whole home surge protection for the safety of your appliances and data. If you are already planning on a new electrical panel installation in Ventura, it can make a lot of sense to add protection from surges. Moreover, they are very affordable for the protection they provide. We would love to tell you more about our experience with it and install one for you!

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Do you live in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo, or anywhere in Ventura County? Call us if you are considering to add full house surge protection to your home or business. The timing is even better if you already are doing a panel or subpanel installation in Ventura. Call us today for a FREE quote. Residential and commercial options.


What causes an Electrical Surge?

The most common causes of an electrical surge are as follows:

  • Powerful electrical appliances turning on/off
  • Lightning strikes
  • Malfunction of an electrical transformer
  • Accidental surge coming through the power company or electrical grid

If you value your appliances and rather be protected then risking to lose then due to a surge, call our expert electrician Ventura for more info. We are happy to offer FREE no-obligation quotes for whole house surge protection in Ventura County and anything else you may need.