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Ceiling Fan Installation Ventura

Ceiling fans are still one of the preferred methods for many families to keep the house cool. Its low-cost and effectiveness are important to many families. Even families with an AC benefit from fans in the ceiling as it helps to spread the cold or warm air from the AC through the room. If your ceiling fan broke, or you are looking to add new ones, give our electricians a call for a ceiling fan installation in Ventura.

Types of Ceiling Fans

These mechanism functions through blades. They differ in how many blades they have, how long they are, and what angle they form with the horizontal. It has become trendy and elegant to have less blades. The combination between the number, angle, and length of blades will determine the efficiency of the device.

Assembly and Wiring

Ceiling fans need to be assembled and the wires need to be connected. Although it may seem like a straightforward task, it can be done incorrectly easily. Common mistakes occur when doing wiring, or having the fan work backwards. A fan that rotates backwards does not do anything. In fact, you may be right underneath it and not even fill it. Not mounting it correctly also means it can break and you may need to repair or replace it sooner than you otherwise would. Finally, most fans include a place to install a light fixture

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Benefits to Install a Ceiling Fan

this picture shows a ceiling fan installation in Ventura

Use in conjunction with your AC for the best results

In the summer your AC cools down the home. In the winter it warms it up. However, hot air rises. Different temperatires in the same room will cause the AC to have to work harder. Having the fan equalizing the temperature in the room will allow the AC to work less while the room feels more comfortable.

They are cheap and can save you on electricity

Installing a ceiling fan is very affordable, even if you hire an electrician. For the maximum savings get one for each room you spend significant time on such as the kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. If you work a lot from home you may want to consider adding one to your office space as well.

It will help you stay comfortable all year round

The ceiling fan will make the air “move”. In summer it can mean that the room feels 6 to 8 degrees cooler than what is actually is! In the winter you can reverse it so it will circulate the warm air downwards.
Ceiling fans are trendy
There are so many design choices nowadays when it comes to ceiling fans. The fans with less blades are the trendiest. Since there are so many designs out there, you will certainly find the one that matches your personality, your furniture, and your home colors.

Add Value to Your Home

If you are looking at selling or renting a home, be sure to have some ceiling fans installed. You should install them in the areas where people spend the most amount of time. For example, the kitchen, the living room, and the bedrooms. We work with several property managers and realtors in Ventura. They have confirmed us that very few people want to rent a property that does not have at least a ceiling fan in the living room and bedroom. Of course, that if you don’t have a ceiling fan your property will still sell. However, it is a cheap improvement, and it may actually increase the property value for above what you paid to have it. Especially if they are new, good quality, and look attractive

Why call an Electrician to Install a Ceiling Fan in Ventura? 

Yes, some people can put up a ceiling fan on their own by watching YouTube videos. Most handyman can probably do it to. However, there are several reasons why you want to call an electrician to install a ceiling fan in Ventura. Although their hourly rate is cheaper, they will likely take much longer to mount a ceiling fan than an experienced and licensed electrician like PRO Electrician Ventura. As we mentioned before, a lot of people end up with the direction of the blades wrong and don’t even realize it. We had clients who reported they put up a fan and have been running it at maximum speed but is does not seem to do anything. Well, the blades were set up wrong. And in the meantime they were paying much more electricity than needed, while feeling uncomfortably hot.

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