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Commercial Electrician Ventura

PRO Electrician Ventura is a reliable and well-known commercial electrician in Ventura serving the Ventura county. Over the years, we have helped a multitude of local businesses with their electrical repairs, upgrades, and installations. From simple outlet repairs to big wiring projects. We understand that when you are looking for a commercial electrician, you want to hire a company that won’t:

  • Charge an arm and a leg
  • Send you a cheap estimate to get the job and increase the price half-way through the job
  • Quote a low price to get the job, do a quick-fix or the “symptoms” and not the cause. Later the problem reoccurs
  • Care to coordinate their schedule with yours, causing unnecessary interruptions to your business hours
  • Pick up the phone and/or return your call

Well, that is all that we DON’T do.  TOP Electrician Tallahassee has a great reputation to maintain strive to do things right the first time. A good and effective communication with our clients, along with our expertise are the core of our work. That is why commercial companies in Ventura like to work with us for commercial projects.

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Commercial Services

Electrical Repairs and Maintenance

We are more than the typical commercial and residential electrician. Fixing an electrical problem will only be successful if the cause is fixed. Be sure to hire a company than can properly diagnose the issue so it does not happen again. At PRO Electrician Ventura, we have the equipment and skill to clear different parts of your electrical system and identify the cause. For more about electrical repairs and maintenance in Ventura visit our page.

Light Fixture Installation

Looking to create a design for a unique ambiance in your business? Just like a home, a business has its own style and personality too. We can create a lighting design that suits your business personality. The right lighting will provide you with a unique ambiance. Think about the different lighting you see on the following businesses:

  • upscale restaurant lighting versus a fast-food business
  • elegant clothing store lighting versus hip clothing store
  • warehouse lighting
  • office lighting
  • furniture store lighting

Have you looked into LED Lighting? Many Ventura business owners are upgrading to LED lights for savings on electricity. Ask us more about light fixture installation in Ventura.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are an excellent improvement to any home of business. In fact, most companies use ceiling fans and air conditioning together. At first, you may think the electricity bill will be a lot higher. In fact, the opposite will happen. While the air conditioning cools down the temperature, good fans will help to maintain the cool air by circulating it. Consequently, the temperature of the room remains constant with less work required from the A/C. Check out more about ceiling fan installation in Ventura CA.

Electrical Panel Upgrade

Commonly, commercial businesses require higher power than regular houses. That is the most common reason why a business owner inquires us for a panel upgrade. The second reason is of course damage to the panel. Besides those, there are other reasons a business may consider a commercial panel upgrade:

  • Planning to remodel the business or even do additions
  • Need to devote a circuit to a group of devices with a subpanel (e.g. computers, machinery)
  • Correct decreased amount of power going into electrical devices and machinery
  • Fulfill insurance requirements regarding the service panel
  • Discontinue using extension cords

For residential electrical panel upgrades in Ventura see our dedicated page.

Circuits and Wiring

Commercial businesses may run at different voltages. Additionally, many require a specific wiring organization according to the equipment they have. We have done wiring and rewiring or entire businesses here in Tallahassee. As electrical contractors, we can also do wiring for new construction as we can do the drawings and obtain city permits. Call us for a free estimate. For more info about our electrical house wiring in Ventura, check out our dedicated page.

Surge Protection

Thankfully, power surges are not very common. However, if your home or business has valuable electrical equipment that you don’t want risk losing, surge protection is a great option for you. Surge protection is the best way to protect all your electronic devices in your business. Read more about this service on the electrical surge protection in Ventura.

Sauna, Jacuzzi, and Hot Tub Wiring

This service is mostly requested for gyms and SPAs. Installing saunas, Jacuzzis, and hot tubs require special wiring. Call us to check out your plans and request a FREE estimate.

EV Charger Installation

PRO Electrician Ventura is experienced with EV charger installation in Ventura (level 1 and level 2 stations). Although the above mention types of stations are more common in residences than in businesses, some may still consider it. For example, hotels or parking lots on residential buildings. If you are looking to install EV stations in your home or business give us a call for a free estimate.

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PRO Electrician Ventura recognizes that you expect a rapid, dependable, and successful service from us. Our electrician crew does the best to provide that and more. We are honest and focus on what needs to be done right from the first time.  Our contractors don’t cut corners or skimp on materials. Give us a call or submit the form for a FREE Quote today!

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