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Electrical Wiring Ventura CA

Our team has extensive experience in electrical wiring in Ventura CA, including old homes, buildings, businesses, new circuits, and new construction. One of the top causes for interior home fires in Ventura and the rest of Southern California are from failures in wiring insulation. These fires are often avoidable, but many people do not want to put the money and effort into rewiring their homes. Usually it is not visually obvious that you have electrical issues in your home. If it’s been 20+ years since someone has looked at your wiring, you may want to consider it time to have an electrical inspection.


What is Considered Old Wiring?

  • Homes 50 years or older
    Wires using aluminum wiring instead of copper wiring (houses built between 1965-1973)
  • Electrical outlets that use 2 prongs instead of 3 prongs
  • Electrical panel or fuse box panel box made from wood or has a wooden backing, isn’t labeled, or has an unprotected black cable running out the back of it

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Masters at Complete House Rewiring and Wiring for New Construction

PRO Electrician Ventura has extensive experience in complete house rewiring in Ventura, Oxnard, and Camarillo areas. If it’s been over 20 years since your wiring has been looked at, it’s time to schedule an electrical inspection! Remember, it when it comes to electrical, the problems need to be detected before they become dangerous. Call us today!

this picture shows an electrician rewiring a house in Ventura

Rewiring a House in Ventura

The signs that you may need to rewiring a house in Ventura are similar to the indications of an electrical panel upgrade. In case you weren’t aware, those signs are:

  • Tripping circuit breakers on a consistent basis
  • Flickering or dimming light
  • Burning smells (when nothing is cooking)
  • Burnt, singed, and or black electric outlets or plugs
  • If you smell something burning and see smoke, this could be a sign that something is burning now! Call the fire department and deal with any form of fire immediately. Don’t delay on getting your electrical wiring fixed as soon as possible after the fire is contained so that another fire doesn’t happen in the near future.

Electrical Remodel

Electrical Remodels in Ventura are necessary about once every generation. The main purpose is keeping your home and family safe from future electrical fires. Since none of us expect an electrical fire, upgrading your wiring will increase your electricity capability, a lasting benefit.

Being able to use more electricity will allow you to use all your modern day electronics simultaneously. Older homes weren’t designed to handle the power load that we now expect. If your home can handle more power, it should lead to no interruption in your day to day living.

From all our charging devices, smart appliances, even electric cars, everyone now needs more electricity. Being able to use all your devices without worrying is a convenience factor that everyone can enjoy!

If you value your possessions and the health and safety of your family, you will be happy once your rewiring is completed. We can help rewire your home. PRO Electrician Ventura understands that this is not a small decision. Let us walk you through every step of the way to give you confidence and comfort.

This picture shows an electrical remodel in Ventura CA. The wires are exposed.
This picture shows electrical wiring used for commercial and residential wiring and rewiring jobs.

Wiring for New Construction

If you are building your home, this is the best opportunity to design a functional and safe electrical system. You can trust that we will explain step by step and we can get permits us. For businesses, consider hiring us as your business build out electriciansGive our electrician Ventura a call for a FREE consultation for your project!

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Did you know that since 1975, the electric code has been revised at least 15 times? If you have not updated any part of your home’s wiring, at least part of your home is out of date and considered “unsafe.” Call us for a FREE no-obligation quote for any electrical wiring in Ventura County.