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Outdoor Lighting Installation Ventura

Lighting can really showcase the best of your perfectly landscaped yard in Ventura. It’s especially important to use a knowledgeable electrician when designing your outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting is different from interior lighting. Because it is outside and exposed to the elements, there are different factors to consider for everything electrical. Before any commitments or deposits, it’s important for us to have a consultation to find out your wants and needs regarding outdoor lighting installation in Ventura. 

  1. Are you trying to light the area to show it off?
  2. Are you using the light to create an area to hang out at?
  3. Do you want to illuminate your entire yard or just certain areas?


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Landscape Lighting Ideas

Outdoor Light Fixtures

It is usually preferred that all light fixtures blend in or are hidden from normal view during the day. An exception is if you want to highlight the actual light itself. All lights must also be made of materials that can withstand temperature changes, rain, and some humidity. The amount of lights needed, and the direction of the beam are important for design. You will want to choose accent lighting to bring out the best colors and shadows of each plant.
In most cases, LED lighting is the best because it are created to be the best at absorbing heat. The climate in California is very dry. Having your plants burn due to poor lighting fixture choices can be a disaster to your yard, and possibly your home.

Patio Lighting

Lighting your yard is very different than lighting a patio area. In a patio area, you normally are lighting the space to see and enjoy, like a room in your home. The layout just needs to fit to withstand being outside.
Whether it’s a ceiling fan, strong accent lighting, or even motion sensor lights, we can help install all your lighting options at Pro Electrician Ventura!

These types of lights can be located anywhere. There is a good chance that you will see them in most bedrooms, if not everywhere else. Despite being standard lights, flushed lights come in many varieties for those that like to be decorative.


Another area of concern regarding landscape lighting in Ventura is the wiring. When connecting the lights, not just any wire can be used. The correct insulation and environment proof wires need to be lain. Protecting your wires from pests will also be important for the longevity of your set up. Often case, having the wires underground is preferred and needs to be planned out.

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